Animal care programs

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Bored with quarantine? Since this pandemic is keeping kids off the farm, we’ve decided to bring the farm to you. This spring, we have created a program which allows families to temporarily house some of our furry friends.

How the program works: Chicks, and rabbits are available for you to lease from us in two week increments. The first two weeks costs $75.00. This covers 3 chicks, or 1 rabbit. We provide you with everything they need, food, bedding, heat lamp, housing, etc. Chicks and ducklings require a predator proof location with electricity, such as a garage, porch, shed, basement, relatively consistent temperature helps. Rabbits are accustomed to the outdoors. You can read the care instructions in the pdfs below.

We recommend that you have a conversation with your kids in advance to gauge their interest level and commitment. From there you can discuss family commitments around their care, create realistic goals that set your kids up for success without overwhelming them. Think through how you want to manage the workload and what supports your kids find encouraging. Remember that it’s easier to establish and enforce expectations when they are discussed and understood in advance. Be clear of what you expect from your kids, and what you are willing to support. For example you might be as excited as they are about the animals and be willing to split chores 50/50 with them, or you might have them take on all daily chores, but be there to support weekly bedding changes and cage clean out. Or you might do chores together the first few days, supervise their mastery and give them independence as they prove their skills (watering can be particularly challenging). If you create consequences, such as early return of the chicks if your kids aren’t participating in their care, please enforce them. We are here to support you, even if it means taking them back for day while you sort out your systems.

If chore charts work well for you, implement one. If it works better to take things day by day, do so. Our biggest commitment in our work with children is teaching them about nurturing animals, about themselves and supporting them in gaining a sense of belonging to the world and the farm through building connections with animals and nature.

Take home chicks program

Families take home 3 chicks and all the supplies to care for them for their first two weeks. The initial program fee is $75.00, $25.00 per following two week periods. We provide everything you might need, pdf and video instructions, as well as support by phone or zoom.

Take home a rabbit program

Families take home a rabbit and all the supplies to care for it for two weeks. The initial program fee is $75.00, $25.00 per following two week periods. We provide everything you might need as well as support by phone or zoom.

On death and loss

Working with living things exposes us to the possibility of loss and death. It is one of the most difficult aspects of pet care/ownership. Though we sincerely hope that it is not part of this experience for you, it would be irresponsible of us to pretend it can’t happen. We have prepared the following pdf to help you consider this aspect of pet care as an opportunity for growth for all involved. Reach out. We are here is you need us., 802-338-0116.

Register for two weeks of June or July chick care.

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