Our Farm and Garden Camps for 5 to 8 year olds are our favorite and longest running program.  We strive to provide children with time in nature, interaction with animals, the freedom to learn and grow from experiences, and time and space to breathe deep.  We also are committed to their participation in the care for animals and gardens and farm spaces.  It is our hope that every child return home at the end of a camp day knowing themselves to be capable, competent and knowing that their presence mattered.

Mornings are spend working with animals and in gardens, and playing of course, while afternoons we focus on our weekly theme and our free times. This summer, we are offering the following themed weeks for the younger set Ages 5-8.

Farm and Garden Camp for Kids 5-8.

Fiber arts week

We look into nature for all it’s remarkable fiber sources.  We always do some work with the wool from our sheep, and depending on what plants are in season and on hand, we work with other fibers such as cattail, milkweed, or dogbane.

Clay arts week

From Earth to Artifact.  We dig clay from the farm, clean it, wedge it, and prepare it for making sculptures and pinch pots, which we fire on Thursdays afternoon in a pit, and paint on Friday.

Forest arts week

We turn to the forest for shade and ideas, depending on interests we climb trees, build forts or teepees, create elaborate fairy villages, or weave grape vines into amazing creations.

Marsh arts week

Though we tried to cancel Marsh week, our frog catchers protested…  So we conduct a study of things that creep, hop and swim for the intrepid, and for the crafters, we weave cattails into mats or baskets, make cordage, or construct barges we attempt to keep afloat in our marsh.

Culinary arts week

We are more focused in the garden where we taste test all kinds of veggies and herbs and make salads, sun teas, pesto or cheeses. If weather permits (isn’t too hot) we may fire our oven and bake.

Farm and Forest Camp for Kids 9-13

Mornings are spent doing farm chores with the younger set.  We break off at 11:15 and head to the forest with animals in tow for an afternoon of games and crafts.

Wilderness Whittlers

Our focus is on our whittling skills, each week will feature a different project like a spoon, a walking stick, a wand, etc.  We break up our focused times with games and tending our animal friends.  Depending on weather we might have a fire, or ford through a brook to cool down.

Carvers and Caprines

Again our craft is our focus, and unlike when we strictly whittle, we add gauges and other carving tools to expand the possibilities of what we can make.

Bowdrills and Barkeaters

This week we focus both on making our own bowdrills and perfecting our skills at starting a fire with them.

Foragers and Friends

Here our focus shifts foraging for ourselves and our four legged friends, which doesn’t mean we won’t take breaks to play games and whittle.

Goats in the Gray Area

While we will visit the woods and enjoy some whittling, this week we will perfect our goat handling skills taking the girls on the road on their halters to visit the residents of the Arbors, and other camps in the village.

2017 Dates Theme 5-8 Theme 9-12
 June 12-16 Farm and Garden: Fiber Arts Wilderness Whittlers
June 19-23 Farm and Garden: Clay Arts Carvers and Caprines
June 26-30 Farm and Garden: Forest Arts Bowdrills and Barkeaters
July 3-7 Farm and Garden: Marsh Arts (4 day week) Foragers and Friends
July 10-14 Farm and Garden: Culinary Arts Wilderness Whittlers
July 17-21 Farm and Garden: Fiber Arts Carvers and Caprines
July 24-28 Farm and Garden: Clay Arts Goats in the Gray Area
July 31 -Aug 4 Farm and Garden: Forest Arts Foragers and Friends
August 7-11 Farm and Garden: Marsh Arts Wilderness Whittlers
August 14-18 Farm and Garden: Culinary Arts Carvers and Caprines
 August 21-25 Farm and Garden:Fiber Arts Foragers and Friends


Registration Information:

Cost: $315/ week

Aftercare available until 5PM.

Refunds before June 1 incur a $75 administration fee.

No refunds after June 1.

Register here: