Farm and Garden Camps 5-11

Our Farm and Garden Camps for 5 to 11 year olds are our favorite and longest running program.  We strive to provide children with time in nature, interaction with animals, the freedom to learn and grow from experiences, and time and space to breathe deep. We also are committed to their participation in the care for animals and gardens and farm spaces. It is our hope that every child return home at the end of a camp day knowing themselves to be capable and competent and knowing that their participation is valued.

Mornings are spent working with animals and in gardens, and playing of course, while afternoons we focus on our weekly art/craft theme and our free times. This summer, we are offering the following themed weeks:

Native week

This week we approach our work and play from a sense of belonging to our landscape modeled for us by the Abenaki people who came before.  In our free time, we explore the wonders of our natural landscape, fox walking and with owl eyes.  We look to nature for our stories and crafts and try our skill at bow drill making and flint napping.

Clay arts week

From Earth to Artifact.  We dig clay from the farm, clean it, wedge it, and prepare it for making sculptures and pinch pots, which we fire on Thursdays afternoon in a pit, and paint on Friday.

Animal Interpreters

Our focus this week is learning to read what animals are trying to communicate to us.  Since we don’t know how  to speak their languages, to build better relationships with them, we have to learn to read their expressions, postures, moods and body language.  Join us in becoming animal interpreters and enhance your relationships with birds, livestock and our pet predator friends.

Marsh arts week

Though we tried to cancel Marsh week, our frog catchers protested…  So we conduct a study of things that creep, hop and swim for the intrepid, and for the crafters, we weave cattails into mats or baskets, make cordage, or construct barges we attempt to keep afloat in our marsh.

Craft and Construct Week

A whole week dedicated to hands-on creating (after we get our chores done of course).  We teach the basics of measuring and sawing a board, hammering nails, driving screws, etc.  Campers  have the option of working from materials we have on farm to create their own projects, or join us in a larger carpentry project.  Last year we build bug houses and boats primarily, this year who knows?

Forest Week

The forest is not only a lovely place to spend summer hours in the shade, but also offers endless materials for forts, villages, fairy houses, whittling and learning about the natural world around us.  We’ll discover plenty to do and many useful plants on our forays through the farm woods.

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