Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

We are looking for people passionate about local food, farming, and education to join our team at New Village Farm.

New Village Farm is a diverse education farm located in Shelburne, Vermont.  The small raw milk cow and goat dairies, poultry operation, gardens and wilderness areas form an extensive outdoor learning space where students are invited to participate actively in all areas.  

Our primary focus is in creating opportunities of participation and belonging with earth, plants and animals to foster connection and growth in youth.  The farm has hosted a summer camp, as well as programming for schools and individuals throughout the school year since 2008.  Our basic underlying philosophy is that healthy lives and actions are grounded in healthy relationships to the natural world around us and each other.  Supporting those connections is our most important work.  Our daily curriculum is dictated by our meeting the challenges presented by the land, the seasons, the plants and the animals.  What greets us on the farm each day is a parallel to other challenges we face in the world.  Our work as educators is anchored in our welcoming children into embracing those challenges with us.  Our agricultural practices are organic and biodynamic.  Our approach to education is immersive, and restorative.  

Available Positions Fall-Winter 2020 

Farm School Educator – Full Time

Our Farm School Program is an outdoor school year program.  Most of our students join us one day per week throughout the school year.   All groups are multi-age, focused on farm and outdoor  skills with a healthy dose of self directed activities.

Required Qualities:

  • Relevant educational or childcare experience
  • The ability to direct and support chore times for a mixed-age group, such that they experience satisfaction and competence.
  • Experience working in a natural or farm setting preferred
  • The ability to support kids in pursuing healthy self directed projects and interests
  • A Behavior = Communication approach to discipline
  • Professional and compassionate interpersonal skills
  • A passion for fostering nature awareness, mindfulness, wonder and creativity

Responsibilities will include:

  • Welcoming students and parents to the farm
  • Managing the arc of the camp day, including farm chores (milking, chicken chores, garden tasks, etc)
  • Teaching weekly nature crafts (weaving with cattails, spinning wool, clay, etc)allowing and developing curriculum depending on the theme
  • Mediating challenges within the group
  • Teaching and practicing safe farm boundaries and practices
  • Co-leading and working with and around other farm staff

Hourly wage dependent on experience.

Educator position runs M-F, roughly from 7:30-3:30pm. Program runs from Aug 31, 20- June 6, 21.

Please send letter of interest and resumé to Michaela@newvillagefarm.com

Administrative Support – Part Time

This position is primarily centered around creating effective systems to support with handling the details of administration, bookkeeping, customer and parent contacts, and some operations.

Email  Michaela@newvillagefarm.com for details.