Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

We are looking to add a livestock manager/educator passionate about local food, farming, and education to join our team at New Village Farm.

New Village Farm is a diverse education farm located in Shelburne, Vermont. The small raw milk cow and goat dairies, poultry operation, gardens and wilderness areas form an extensive outdoor learning space where people of all ages are invited to participate actively.

Our primary focus is creating opportunities of participation and belonging for youth, as well as fostering connections with earth, plants and animals. The farm hosts a summer camp, adult and family workshops, farm school, and other year round programming. Our basic philosophy is that healthy lives and actions are founded in healthy relationships to ourselves, to each other and to the natural world.

Our daily curriculum is dictated by the challenges presented by the land, the seasons, the plants, and the animals. Our agricultural practices are earth centered. Our approach to education is immersive, and restorative.

Available Positions Fall-Winter 2021

Livestock Farmer/Educator — Full-time or part-time

We are seeking a livestock manager and educator who can:

  • Manage of the health and welfare of small herds of cows, and goats, as well as 
chickens, turkeys and rabbits 

  • Coordinate our Animal rental program 

  • Structure animal care systems and tasks for inclusion of many helpers 

  • Understand the benefits of farm work opportunities for children and adults 

  • Communicate well with community members: staff, participants, parents, and visitors 

  • Run workshops and classes 

  • Optimize systems and work efficiently 

  • Manage enterprise budgets 

  • Prioritize environment, animal well-being and learning opportunities over production 
while still meeting production goals
  • Work weekend hours

Daily tasks:


  • Milking cows and goats with kids or independently 

  • Coordinating Intensive management grazing systems 

  • Coordinating seasonal animal transitions 

  • Ag enterprise decision making 

  • Sterilizing milking equipment 

  • Stocking products 

  • Operating agricultural machinery


  • Coordinating tasks that can be accomplished by education programs and working closely with camp and other program directors to set clear expectations 

  • Coordinating the volunteer program 

  • Developing and running workshops and leading farm based activities and projects 

  • Helping to evolve and inform community members on safe farm practices and 

  • Possessing an understanding of ‘Behavior = communication’ approach to discipline 
Applicants should be experienced in both livestock management and education and expect to spend 30-60% of their hours with learners. 

Please send a cover letter and resumé to Maggie@newvillagefarm.com
Wage $18-22 per hour depending on experience

Available Positions Fall-Winter 2020