Summer Produce CSA

Choose a traditional boxed CSA share, a Pick Your Own share, or our Garden Education Share

6/13/2021 – 10/31/2021 (21 Weeks)
Boxed: Single $380, Double $570, Family $760
PYO plus farm membership: Single $380, Double $570, Family $760
Garden Education Share plus farm membership: PYO share cost plus $315 per workshop participant.

Look into NOFA Farm Share Program which subsidizes New Village Farm CSAs


Our Boxed share follows a traditional CSA format where we harvest, wash and pack your weekly produce. There are a few exceptions like herbs and flowers that we invite you to pick to suit your timing and quantity needs.


Our PYO share is also known as the NVF Garden Pass. It allows you to use our gardens as if they were your own. You pick what you want on the day that you want it! We will provide a rough guide of available quantities in a given week, but are flexible with your timing and preferences.
The NVF garden pass takes knowing where your food comes from to the next level. You will learn the geography of our gardens, enjoy the experience of harvesting your own dinner, and be the only person that touches your food. The only exception to this are delicate crops such as shoots, greens, and lettuce mixes which will be harvested and washed for you.

This year’s PYO share will include a year-long farm membership.


Our Garden Education share combines the PYO share with weekly workshops. These workshops focus on skills needed to care for a garden and enjoy the harvest. Early season workshops will focus on bed preparation, sowing, transplanting, and other growing skills. Late season workshops will shift to fermenting, pickling, and other types of preservation. All workshops will allow time for a question and answers session with Gardener Adam or other workshop instructors. This is a great option for a first time PYO customer, someone looking to increase their gardening knowledge and skills, or someone who just loves having their hands in the dirt! In order to provide further access to our farm, our Garden Education Share includes one year of farm membership.

All options give you access to seconds as they become available for projects like pesto or other sauce making. You will also be kept informed of any other crops that are mildly blemished but worthy of sauces, juices, and soups.

Herbs and flowers will be available all season long. Here is a rough guide of what else you can expect as the season progresses.

Look into NOFA Farm Share Program which subsidizes New Village Farm CSAs.