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Our primary goal is to offer a living space for children to work and play in, and we strive to create a safe space within which they can explore new skills, and experience the best of nature and themselves.  We seek to support children in recognizing what they bring to the world, and in knowing themselves to be competent, capable and able to make a difference, to a garden or an animal, a peer, or all of the above.  We place a lot of trust in them, and offer them free times to encounter the farm with minimal adult intervention in order to foster the development of their own internal compass for right and wrong.  We consider our most important work to be keeping them safe while staying out of their way and allowing their skills and imaginations to guide the day.

Besides our programming we have a Farm Stand on site where we sell our farm products such as Raw Cow and Goat’s Milk, Pastured Chicken and Eggs, Frozen Grass Fed Beef, and Fresh Vegetable, Herbs and Flowers.   We are working to get all of our acreage treated with biodynamic preparations, and adhere to Organic practices in our pastures and gardens.  We are not yet certified in either Biodynamics or Organics.


Farm and Garden Summer Camps

Camps for 5 – 11 year olds.


After School Wednesdays

An opportunity to spend time with animal babes and relax after a long day.

April Vacation Camp

Join us for one or more days during April Break.  A great opportunity for your child to get a sense of our camps.

Also check out our Home School Program

Questions?   Please email Michaela@newvillagefarm.com or call (802)338-0116.